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Welcome to the home of customized Vespa

20 Dec

Vespa community : Ichsan from Move Indonesia

Published by XtotheV


Name : Ichsan

Type of Vespa : Vespa LX 150 (2012)

Community : Move Indonesia


  1. Is style important to you?


“Yes of course, but you must remain yourself”        

  1. How did you customize your Vespa and why ?


I enjoy customizing my Vespa, because my hobby is about vehicles modification."


 For my LX 150:

  • Fly screen :        LX Clear Vespa (Italy)
  • Head lamp :       LED Light
  • Spion :                Standard Vespa
  • Cutting Sticker :  Custom
  • Box :                   Top Case Vespa (Italy)
  • Engine :              Standard 


  1. How would you describe your Vespa's style?

        "Simplicity for daily"
















Vespa community : Ichsan from Move Indonesia
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