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Welcome to the home of customized Vespa

19 Dec

Rossmansi from Move Indonesia

Published by XtotheV


Name : Rossmansi

Type of Vespa : Vespa LX 150 (2011), and Vespa Sprint (1977)

Community : Move Indonesia

     1. Is style important for you ? 


“I think style is important, but it must contain safety aspect. I enjoy customing my Vespa, because it is about self identification”


   2. How did you customize your Vespa ?


For my LX 150:

  • Fly screen :           GT Vespa (Italy)
  • Head lamp :           HID
  • Spion :                   Full (Italy)
  • Cutting Sticker :     Custom
  • Back rack :            Custom Local
  • Engine :                 Bore up 180 cc


For my Sprint (1977):

  • Color body :           Red Xyralic
  • Rims :                    Fa Italy
  • Tire :                      Bridgestone
  • Cutting Sticker :     Custom



Rossmansi from Move Indonesia
Rossmansi from Move Indonesia
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